Sleepy Hat

Does the Sleepy Hat really work?

Yes, it really does! Andrea Verity, the mom originally behind the Sleepy Hat, used to have a lot of trouble getting her son, Ethan, to take naps, especially when they were traveling or visiting family. Starting around 3 months of age, he was much more interested in being awake then going to sleep, no matter how tired he was. Then she used a baby hat to cover her son's eyes. It instantly cut her exhausting and frustrating sleep-time routine from thirty minutes to five! It also prevented Ethan from waking prematurely. But, after using the regular hat to get Ethan to fall asleep for just a few days, she began to see the need for a better-designed product than a regular baby hat. First, the hat that they were using didn't have a contour for the nose. Second, it had become stretched, leaving a gap at the eyes and allowing light to come in. Third, she didn't like having to pull on the hat and shift its position on Ethan's head, in order to cover his eyes. Finally, they would get funny expressions from people passing by who were wondering why Ethan's eyes were covered. She wanted a product that would communicate that her baby was having a nap.

After searching for something that fit their needs and coming up empty-handed, Andrea decided to make it herself. Eventually she came up with a hat that looked great, functioned well, and was safe to use. She gave the hat a flip-down mask so that the hat stayed in one place whether the baby was awake or asleep. Finally, she added the graphic of closed eyelashes on the flip-down mask so that others would know that baby was asleep.

We know that some babies fall asleep on their own without fussing. But most do not. Andrea made the Sleepy Hat available to other parents so that they could get some downtime, too.

Is the Sleepy Hat safe? I'm afraid that it might fall down over my baby's mouth and nose.

The Zoë b Sleepy Hat was designed with safety in mind. It has an adjustable top-knot, which means you can rest assured that the hat won't fall over baby's mouth. We also chose to manufacture the hat with breathable fabric, so that your baby's ability to breathe is never in jeopardy. To test for yourself how well the Sleepy Hat breathes, hold the hat against your nose and/or mouth and notice how your breath flows easily through the fabric.

Can I use the hat before my baby is 3 months old?

You probably won't need to use our Sleepy Hat until your baby reaches the age of 3 months and becomes aware of the world. Nevertheless, we recommend that you don't use it in its sleep mode (sleep mask flipped down) until your baby can pull off the hat if it bothers him or her. This age is typically 3 months or older.

Can I use the hat with swaddling?

We don't recommend it. Your child should have his or her hands free to pull off the hat if it becomes uncomfortable.

Can baby overheat with the hat?

Babies can get overheated. Always be aware of room temperature and signs of overheating. Remove the hat if your baby's face is red, feels hot to the touch, or sweat forms on the face and hair (felt by sliding your fingers underneath the hat). In warmer months, you may wish to dress baby in just a diaper and the Sleepy Hat. Caregivers are responsible for ensuring that their child is safe and comfortable.

Where is the Zoë b Sleepy Hat made?

We manufacture our Sleepy Hat in Asheville, North Carolina. Our product is made entirely in the USA.

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